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Meet Gerry

Video Review

Gerry’s dental implants have made it easier for him to eat food. He fully trusts Dr. Hudson and recommends him to all of his family and friends.

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Gerry's Story

"My name’s Gerry. I live in Grant, Alabama, and I came to see Dr. Hudson to have extractions, bone grafts, and implants put in. Every time that I’ve come to see Dr. Hudson, I’ve had a comfortable experience. All the work that he’s done on my teeth has made it easier for me to eat food, and the implants have just worked out really well. Probably the best staff of any medical or dental facility that I have ever been to. They’re very nice, very kind, and very polite. I actually have brought several of my family members in here. I totally trust Dr. Hudson with anyone in my family or any of my friends. Out of five stars, I would give Dr. Hudson ten stars. "

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